Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ever go collect things?

I don't mean collecting items for fun, I mean collecting from people who have not paid for their stuff. I have done a few musical instruments, that is all, but there is a couple rules you need to follow when doing this ( l know it is the top of the list of things you want to know about from me) So here goes,
1.) When getting out of your car, leave the car door open.
2.) Keep your car keys in your hand, don't put them in your pocket, You need to look like you are not staying for dinner.
3.) Do not go in the house, I smell litigation a mile away.
4) Just ask for the thing you came for, don't make small talk, You don't care about little Johnny's feelings about band and how he hated it, and how the band directors picked on him and blah blah blah.
5.) If you can't see a house number, then go to the house/trailer,etc with the car in the front yard, dog barking loudly at you, with the most trash strewn throughout the yard,there is a 90% chance that's it. NO kidding it has worked for me.
There you have it. You could use a commercial collection agency, but that would cost money, and they are not cheap.

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crystal said...

That's Chris's general philosophy on finding houses too. (being the fed ex guy and all)
It's always the one with the biggest meanest dog!