Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dangerous Activities

We love adventure. Though having little kids, and not a lot of money has slowed down some of those adventures. It has been over five years since our last backpacking trip, and a year since the last caving/rappelling trip. Are we just getting old?

Next vacation we do want to take the kids on a camping day hike trip. Have to start getting them ready for a real backpacking trip! I guess some might think our ideas of fun are a bit on the crazy side, maybe even dangerous. Really they aren't. They may push our limits physically and sometimes mentally, but the real dangerous activities happen right around here.

Homesteading accidents do happen. Working with heavy equipment, animals, and power tools have caused more injuries than we've ever had jumping off a cliff. Uh, maybe it is time to look for some more affordable life insurance.

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