Saturday, October 20, 2007


I read (well, I listened too the audio book) the book 1984 ( you can read the whole thing here)a few weeks back and it is amazing the similarities to the present. If you, like me did not read the book in high school, here is an over view: It was written in 1948 by a guy named George Orwell. Here is a chapter by chatper summary you may gloss over, if you are so inclined. The book describes what a world may be like if it was run entirely by a socialist government. It is where we get the phrase "Big Brother" from. I enjoyed the book. I found it eerily similar to today in some cases, not all mind you, but some situations would not be far off if people in power had made different decisions. I shall not bring any other opinions here, because it is better that you read it and form your own yourself.

On a less serious note,I was thinking about other blog topics and though what would it be like to insert the word smurf into the language of today? If you can't recall what Smurfs are they are tiny blue cartoon creatures that existed in the 80's. They used the word smurf as a substitute for any word. Mostly verbs, and adjectives. i.e. "you are looking very smurfy today!"... "go smurf a kite," or "go and smurf in the traffic," what if they got mad and said "Smurf you.." This could get interesting.

I had Friday off, and went hunting, didn't see a thing. today I am going to take Kellen with me in the afternoon, It will be a test to see if he can keep his mouth shut for three hours, let's hope he does I need more meat. It is bow season, and he just wants to go with me he can't pull back what I have anyway. It should be good for the both of us.

I am reading the last book of Harry Potter. It is interesting, We let Kellen read them so I am reading them with him, of course he has more time to read than I do so he is done. He keeps asking me where I am at in the book, and is having a hard time restraining himself from telling me everything that is happening. and what will happen. I think it is funny like father like son.

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