Monday, September 17, 2007

Will this Fascination Last?

Since since seeing October Sky, our kids an our niece and nephew, Ashley and Miles, have been fascinated by the story of Homer Hickam. They watch that movie over and over again. We even took them down to the bottom of West Virginia for the October Sky festival last year. We got Kellen an autographed copy of the book. He was thrilled.

The boys especially became interested in rockets. For Miles' birthday Kellen used his own money to buy a beginner rocket set for Miles. They went to work and had one built in a few days. It took us a little longer to find time to get it launched, (We needed to go to a big open space.) but we finally did. It was quick, but it was fun. Kellen posted the video.

Now Miles claims that he wants nothing but rockets and rocket parts for Christmas, birthdays and any other occasion for the rest of his life. Kellen like the idea, though he wasn't willing to give up the rest of his wish lists for rockets. He did mention wanting to check out the 4-H rocket project though.

Hard telling what might catch their fancy next. It is fun to watch them, but I wonder how long it will last. We should be careful to not let them see any movies with RC airplanes or any other expensive type hobbies. They have been picking up scrap metal to earn a little cash. They may have to step it up a bit to support their hobbies.

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