Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is it really 9/11 already?

This is the day where I should be remembering where I was when ,and what I was doing, etc, etc, I can tell you I was doing... I was at home doing the shelter care thing and getting things ready to go for the week.

I did want to write about the stupid browns, Man, do they stink. the only thing I can say to that is well Romeo, at least your name isn't Lloyd Carr...

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Heather said...

The Browns got rid of Frye today. He's off to Seattle and Dorsey is back.
Why is it that Frye gets sacked repeatedly and Andersen gets in and has all kinds of time in the pocket? Hmmmm... guess we don't have to worry about that anymore.
I think the three they have now are all better leaders than Frye and they really pull the offfense together. The new Offensive Coordinator is pretty good at getting the whole team pumped up. Romeo should step down and let Chudzinski take over. I'd like to see what happened then.

delilah said...

Whoa....I think Heather knows entirely too much about football! LOL