Monday, August 6, 2007

Priorities Change

It is funny how your priorities can change. For years when talking about our dream home, one thing that was toward the top of our want list was two vessel sinks in the bathroom. It may seem like a silly want, but it came out of years of trying to share one sink when getting ready in the morning and getting ready for bed at night. Well things have changed. I realized today that really isn't important to me anymore. We rarely get ready at the same time in the morning anymore, and have settled into a night routine that gives us each our time alone with the one bathroom sink.

Take two sinks off the list, but add a canning kitchen. With all the canning going on here this summer the need for a second small kitchen has been pushed way up the list. If you can I'm sure you understand the chaos of trying to keep all the canning stuff going while preparing meals int he same place, not to mention the incredible amount of heat added to the house. We've talked about including it in a very large pantry type room that would also have access to a root cellar. It would need a sink, counter space, a stove, and an exhaust fan. We are thinking the extra stove would come in handy too for holidays and family gatherings.

Funny how at different times, different things are important to you. Who knows what else will change by the time we actually build!


crystal said...

Funny isn't it?
I told Chris this summer that for Christmas I want outfitted with a complete set of canning supplies. We'll see if "winter Crystal" still wants canning supplies!

Heather said...

We our propane cooker (like you use to deep fry a turkey) to cook our corn and tomato sauce/salsa outside. It saves so much heat in the house and room on the stove. Plus, it's easier to see down into the pots when you are stirring or adding ingredients.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents had a "summer kitchen". This was in a separate building and used in the summer for cooking and canning and also used when the butchering was done. It sure made it more bearable for sleeping in the summer. Especially considering they didn't have air conditioning either.!!