Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Major, major announcement....

I like Cole Slaw

I know sorry for the let down, but to me, that is newsworthy. I have never liked cole slaw before this year. Earlier I have tried it (because of course, I have to eat everything I serve my children, because I force the to eat everything that is served to them.) and I was getting used to it. and now I am at that stage where I look at the stuff, and I grimace, but I know I like it when it hits my tongue so I just go ahead and chow down. I think the first time I tried it was on a sloppy joe. Down here that is a sloppy joe, smothered in cole slaw. which I thought was down right disgusting. but I tried it anyway, because I had to,(see above) now that I think about it, It came up one day at dinner because everyone has to try everything offered at the table, that Kellen didn't know what foods I dislike. I told him you don't know because I eat everything. He replied, "I thought you liked everything?" Well I don't like everything. It is the same way with broccoli, the smell is horrid, but I love the taste.

on another note, I thought it was funny that both of our Amish relatives commented that we live such a simple life down here, and that they wished they lived this simple. and the husband said" See dear, they can their food just like the Amish!"

I am very busy at work and trying to fit in the time to post. The harvesting is going well. I think this Sunday was the first time we really cleaned the house.I keep trying to convince Stephanie that we need a housekeeper/nanny. but she says we can't pay her anything so it we can't. oh well.

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Anonymous said...

It's also good on barbaqued beef or porl sandwiches and coney dogs. Uncle Ernie and I go to Guerne Heights dairy isle and order coney dogs with colesalw on them all the time. It must be a W.VA. thing but I like it. AUnt Sis

crystal said...

I hated slaw for the better part of my life too. Now it's one of my top favorite foods! (I know,, shocker right? The fat girl likes dressing on her vegatables! LOL)

BTW, Hands off my pretty fawns and their mama. There are plenty of ugly scary looking deer in the yard you can eat! *grin*

Kristen said...

I kinda like coleslaw, too. I always thought it was spinach or something, but turns out it's just cabbage!