Monday, August 27, 2007

Kill the wabbit, with details

I butchered puffball yesterday. She tasted good. this was the first time I have dressed out a rabbit. First, the details of the weekend.
Saturday I worked until 3:00pm I worked with doing something that I can't remember what. What I do remember is Sunday the busiest day I have had in a long time. In the morning when I woke up. Kellen and I went through some on his trombone getting him ready for the beginner's that will start after labor day. He is doing quite well, if you ask him though he loathes learning how to read music. He doesn't like to do things that don't come to him naturally. Went to church. came home and did the deed. Puffball, our third breeding rabbit, is now being digested in everyone's belly. I dressed her out yesterday around 1:00. It wasn't that hard at all. I dressed out four deer last fall. I won't go into details that will make you vomit. now, If you want to read about those details then keep reading. I will give you more warnings as we go along.Kellen helped me out, he did well with it too. I do admit feeling some sorrow as I was trying to go about the best way of killing it. We did name it after all, and tried to breed her, but she just didn't have it in her. (sorry, bad pun. I couldn't help myself.) but I was successful and let me tell you it tasted good. we threw her in the crock pot and deboned her and made a gravy over our freshly dug potatoes. it was good. Ok stop reading now if you don't want to read the details.

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Jumping right in... I didn't know what would be the best way to kill it. I read that you just have to hold the back legs with your left hand and the the head with your right, keeping your thumb behind the base of its neck. and then giving it a good pull to dislocate its neck. After feeling around to know what Iwas dealing with I was able to do just what is described without as much strength as I thought. I was able to take the head with my right hand and just pull the head off of the spine. After that she twitched for a while and by the time I got her hung up by her foot, she was done twitching. I only tied off one leg, but looking back I would haver tied off both for leverage. Similar to a deer I started at the feet and cut the skin off and pulled down as I cut peeling the hide away from the meat. This is quite easy. After cutting away the hide to the head I then cut the head off. Kellen helped with this and then threw the head on the ground after it was off. It looked like she was looking out of the ground. we laughed pretty hard at this. After the hide is off, I would "field dress it" cutting from the pelvic region to the xyphoid process letting all the "guts' fall out. I had to reach up into the rib area to completely remove all the lungs and heart. After that, I just gave it to stephanie and she threw it in the crock pot.

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Heather said...

Mike said if you just give the head a twist, you won't have to cut it off. Do that prior to skinning.

Cheryl said...

Gross! MUST you be so detailed? Sheesh. I mean, hubby hunts and I've seen a skinned dear, but I certainly don't know how it got that way! I know...I know...I didn't HAVE to read it, right? LOL

Anonymous said...

The reason I can't eat chicken very well is I seen my Grandma (Millersburg Grandma)kill a chicken and cook it for supper.I know they have to do it somehow for every animal ,but it really bothers me when I see chicken.I understand why some people are vegetarians.Aunt Sis.