Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Lydia's best friend from our homeschool co-op invited us to their vacation Bible school this week. We weren't able to make it Monday or Tuesday, but I took the kids last night. Kellen was less than thrilled. I guess he is entering the prepubescent age. He thinks he is too cool for things. He informed me that the evening was very "cheesy." I wonder where he learned that term?

Lydia was in her glory to be with her friend and hang out with more little girls. Nolan was in her class too and just happy to be with the big kids. The church was too far away to make it worth while to come back home, so Vivian and I played in the nursery for two hours.

It was nice to have time with her, but she pretty much occupied herself much of the time and I sat in the rocking chair, trying not to fall asleep, thinking about how much I could get done if I had a laptop. I thought a lot about how to incorporate the key words vacation home Orlando into a post. Why? I have a new paid blogging gig. You get a keyword with a link, and have to incorporate it into a post, any way you'd like. The previous assignments I've been able to just work the words in to normal everyday stuff, but vacation home Orlando? How is that going to work? I could work with vacation home in Orlando, or Orlando vacation home, but vacation home Orlando just doesn't work. But I guess I've found a way.

Tonight I'll be taking the kids again. I think I need to find a good book to take!


Mandy said...

The boys went to Bible School a couple of weeks ago. Jarrett didn't want to go in the begining but by Thursday he didn't want to skip it for baseball practice. Brandon loves it!

Stephanie said...

Kellen came around too and decided the next night that it was really fun!