Monday, July 2, 2007

things going on around the farm.

There are all sorts of things going on at the same time around the farm, I can call it a farm now, I really didn't feel comfortable calling it before all the animals showed up. So the chicks are coming along rather well, as well as the 8 new rabbits that born Saturday. All of them are doing ok so far, I don't know if they will alll make it. We will see. I am excited to have new cute little bunnies, all for the frying pan they will go. If we keep this up we will have 4H rabbits for kids next spring. and that will give us some extra dough (not doe) next spring. Three out of four of my children are at my parent's house from Saturday until Tuesday night. I actually got to take a nap on a Sunday Afternoon.

Eric is dating a nice young lady now. Paul and Linda had her and a couple of her friends over for the day. We ate Lunch together, It was a signing frenzy, I think I am ok at the whole sign language thing and then I get in front of other deaf folk and it all goes to pot. I gave her a tour of all the animals and she went and rode the horse in the afternoon. (While Steph and I took our first afternoon nap in years)I then replaced the hooks on the new rabbit hutches. I made homemade ones out of coat hangers that really were not that secure, so at the Lucasville Flea market we picked up the plastic edgers things around the door, and four hooks to close the doors. I hope that all made sense.

My mom and dad spent the early weekend here we all had a good time, then for my mom's
B-day present, the 3 oldest kids went up with them to spend the early part of the week. As mentioned above.
The latest project, is the rainwater catching system we are setting up, I say we, but of course Paul is doing the majority of the work, It is going to catch all the rainwater that comes of the double wide's roof and then stored in the water tank that stored our water when we first moved here. We moved the tank down off the hill, which I have the war wounds to prove it. Steph will have pictures soon I'm sure. I think that wraps it up.

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Stephanie said...

Oh I have pictures alright. Proof that my husband is crazy. Not sure if it is worse than the ladder picture though.