Friday, July 13, 2007

Inside the house

With the summer going at 500 Mph, the inside of our house doesn't get much attention. You when you get used to seeing things and then don't really notice them any more? You forget that pile of clothes by the dresser that you are going to donate to goodwill, or the pile of clothes that need ironed that your wife never gets to. The trim that is half finished all around the house. Things like that. I have have an infinite number of things in my house that have gone unfinished. Our "master bath" is stripped down to to the original wallpaper that the factory put on twenty five years ago. We said "Oh, those will be winter projects when we have time to stay inside and work." and wouldn't you know it, the winter was mild this past year, and I worked out side the entire winter. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. We got a lot of stuff done that would had to be done in the spring first. If it keeps up this fall and winter, then I won't expect to get new blinds or any other window coverings for that matter. That reminds me, there is a couple of bags of linens that have been sitting in the bedroom, that were meant to be used as window coverings... wait a minute, we live in the middle of the woods, we don't need blinds, or any thing like that!

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