Monday, July 23, 2007

Firefox Rocks...

I use Firefox at home and at work. I have installed it on all almost all the machines I use here at work. I was introduced to Firefox about four years ago. It is nice. For those of you who are still using Internet explorer, Firefox is another web browser that let you do more things while browsing, and helps eliminate some problems that often occur while using IE. My whole point in telling you all this is, that Firefox has these things called Add-ons that are created by other users. One of the features I enjoy are the tabs (which has now been copied by IE) and I like the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature that puts a bookmark on your tool bar and the when you scroll over it, It will let you see the newest entry on the web page. So you don't have to click so many times to see if there is a new page. I have just installed the add on that will let you write a post while browsing the internet. I thought it was quite useful, and easy to use I might add...on

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crystal said...

True dat. Firefox is the BEST!