Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Police CD

I started listening to the Police again, now that they have reunited. I have a CD that is a two disc live recording from the '80s. I really liked them growing up and I still do. I remember my dad having the Synchronicity Album in his collection and watching wrapped around your finger video on MTV. {when they still played music videos} I don't really listen to much main stream anymore though.

They are going to be performing for this whole Earth Live thing coming up. It brings me to think, there is going to be a massive worldwide concert event going on all in the same day, all for global warming and saving the enviornment. Does anyone know the amount of money and energy it is going to take to put on one concert? Let alone two or three all in one day? How much energy are you going to rob from the earth in one day to "help save the enviornment" ok ok ok I am done ranting. They already released a Police CD. That reminds me, check out this clip:

This Police CD doesn't have all the songs that my other Live Cd does, but let me tell you, I have heard this Police CD and it satisfies like the ones did 20 years ago. Here's the list of songs:

01 Fall Out

02 Can't Stand Losing You

03 Next To You

04 Roxanne

05 Truth Hits Everybody

06 Hole In My Life

07 So Lonely

08 Message In A Bottle

09 Reggatta de Blanc

10 Bring On The Night

11 Walking On The Moon

12 The Bed's Too Big Without You

13 Don't Stand So Close To Me

14 Driven To Tears

15 Canary In A Coalmine

Disc 02
01 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

02 Voices Inside My Head

03 Invisible Sun

04 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

05 Spirits In The Material World

06 Demolition Man

07 Rehumanize Yourself

08 Every Breath You Take

09 Synchronicity I

10 Wrapped Around Your Finger

11Walking In Your Footsteps

12Synchronicity II

13 King Of Pain

14 Murder By Numbers

15 Tea In The Sahara

If you were into the Police, or just hearing them for this first time, I would recommend checking this CD out.

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