Thursday, May 24, 2007


It''s Thursday, and there is a lot to get done for this weekend. There are 18 people going to be here. I give Stephanie a lot of credit, because she gets a lot of things done with four kids yelling all the time. So yesterday I got home early from work, and I helped Paul finish baling hay. together there was all of 50 bales (which is not much at all), but it is better than nothing. Then I stayed in the house and played, helped steph out around the house until dinner. Then after dinner (french toast with cream cheese in the middle, turkey bacon on the side), we put the kids in bed (yes, all of them) at 7:30pm. They read until 8:30ish and then go to bed. Steph and I then proceeded to work out side in the cooler weather. I think she weeded the garden and I worked on the Van, very sexist roles, if I don't say so myself. Oh, I received my Vegan Starter Kit in the mail a couple days ago, thanks to Amy and her freebie fridays....I will update you on that info later....

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