Friday, April 6, 2007

they way things are down here.

First off, let me put the disclaimer in: I love living in WV. Most of the people I interact with are normal. I am not trying to put down anyone person in particular.

I am trying to think about how things are different now that I live in the great tornado bait state. There comes to mind a number of things. I will try to explain as I go. The language here different. I have tried to think about how is it is different, but I couldn't come up with anything until recently. It's not the accent, but it sure sticks out.

West Virginians talk about things in comparisons. For example (and try to say this in the southern most accent you can handle,) "That's slicker than snot on a glass door knob!" or "That's colder than a witches t--(sorry, I forgot kids read this) or "Well dip me in oil and call me Slick!" I like...."Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!" that's not a comparison, but funny nonetheless. I will just say... "wow it's cold out." Not comparing it to anything.

When they want emphasize the up coming phrase or story they will say "and son, I tell you what..." and then continue on with the story. and stories they are. When going to a store or anywhere for that matter, everyone will talk your ear off. Not everyone is like this, despite what you think, not everyone talks with the southern draw. But everyone does talk about something. It is more than "Just how are you?" people will tell you how they are.
I like that about the people here. They could use some English lessons, but I am willing to live with it.

With that, I am off to vacation for a week. I may post during my hiatus , I may not.

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Susan said...

Thanks for the laugh! It's just what I needed on a Monday morning. I lived in NC for about 5 years, and they do the same thing. As a Yankee, I learned early on to pretend I knew what they saying. It made them happier and made me look more Southern to them! :)