Friday, March 2, 2007

My Faboulous Freebie Friday

I am a big switchfoot fan, I have all of their Cd's and I buy a book of their music now and then to learn the chords on my guitar, (when I have time). I also subscribe to the email updates too. That's about as far as I go with being a fan. Here's where the freebie comes in. An email update came to me from Switchfoot yesterday about bootlegged Cds from their concerts, and I thought that's crazy I know people do it, but it's sad that they can't just buy one and take it home. but as I read on, Switchfoot and their crew were the one taping them and giving it ( or selling them I forget) away at the end of the concerts! It happened so frequently that they put up a website to download ALL of the songs from a bunch of their live concerts. So with all that said, here is your freebie just click here and enjoy! That is something I will be doing all day today at the office for I am inside on Fridays.

Click here for MORE Freebies on Friday. She may not have it posted yet but Amy gives you alot of freebies every week!

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