Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am guilty. Guilty. Lord please forgive me

I was one of the 31 million people who did it this week. I know, I am typical now. I can't explain it. I can't be rational about it.( oh yeah, I forgot. I'm not rational to begin with). But I did it.

I watched American Idol. Twice. Two days in a row.The full FOUR (4) hours.

The last time I checked I didn't have a fever, I wasn't vomiting,( until after I everyone sang), I don't know what has come over me. Before, if you were to ask me "did you watch that or what do you think about Kelly Clarkson?" I would have laughed in your face. I hated it when it was on in the past.
What I hate now too is that you can poll 10 random people in the street and ask them who is John Edwards? and I would bet that no more than two people would know. ( he was the VP with John [three purple hearts] Kerry, in case you forgot) but ask them who their favorite Idol is (Kelly Clarkson), they'd talk for 1/2 and hour. You wouldn't be able to just walk away, pun intended.

When My mom got the first season on DVD for christmas a couple years ago, I shook my head for hours...

Since I did watch the shows, I can comment.

I Love Simon whats his name.

Really I do. I think he is rational, clear thinking, honest and to the point. Why waste so many people's time by lying to them so they can go and waste 20 years of their life trying to be someone they will never be? While Before I though Miss Paula Abdomen whats her name was just a huge enabler. She would always say " Oh I thought you cute," or something to that effect. but the last two days I thought she was ok. and Randy was more quick and to the point.

Do you really want to know the real thing that really makes me feel 100% old?

American Idol has been on TV for the same amount of time Lydia has been alive.

I told steph that I would only watch the first two days where all the bad singers are on. and that's it. I might catch it here and there, but I won't make a point to sit down like I did this week.

Lord Forgive me.


judeandelise said...

I really hate your layout (fyi). But re:American Idol... I didn't even watch the entire four hours. I would have but I couldn't stay awake. Was that the end of the auditions? Are they going to Hollywood next week? Hmmmmm.... So, do you have a favorite yet?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Youe only one (unless some else comes out) to really hates my lay out. It does have a white background when it doesn't load completely. What could I do to make it better? Maybe enlarge the font. but I like the colors and the header isn't horrible.
I looked at the AI website and it says they are going to Memphis,Bermingham, LA, New York, And San Antonio.So there is a while until they get to Hollywood.
I did not want to linger there too long I would get caught up watching all the aduditions there on video...

Stephanie said...

I actually watched some of it with him! Hated every moment of it.

Phelan said...

I'm coming out, about your layout. All I get is a bright white page with a title. I have to highlight to see the entry. odd.

I can't stand American Idol. And Simon, well creating a hero that is cruel {don't care how honest he is} just seems like a bad idea to me. Honesty and cruelty are two different things.

And John Edwards is that guy that talks to dead people. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have to admit we watched AI too. Papaw- who is tone deaf - even thought the contestants were awful. We actually spent a lot of time laughing.