Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random thoughts on what not

I really should write things down while I am thinking about it during the day. I have these things running through my head and of course I can't think of much when I get back to the office. But whilst I type, I have some things that come to mind.

If you were to just read Stephanie and my blogs knowing nothing about us at all, then you would think that we are opposites. Steph writes to her hearts content, and I, as of late, don't not write much at all. Steph on her blog is very much a people person, she has had 122 people look at her blog yesterday and 66 as of 4:30p today. I have had 14 yeasterday and only 5 today. That number is skewed a bit because she is online everyday posting every day and has gathered quite the following online. Everyone from my cousin and my sister in law to homesteaders living in Kansas, Maine and Florida, and what not.

So in comparison, real life we are quite different. She is the quite the introvert, and I am the extrovert and people person. I like to talk. Steph, not so much. So there, if you read our blogs we write the oppostite of our real personalities. We really do.

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Heather said...

Thanks for linking to me! WOW! I feel honored! I read your blog too, but if nothing new is posted, I move on. I should go back and read your older posts to see what you've been up to down there the past year or so. Oh, wait! I read Steph's already! :o)