Friday, December 15, 2006

Raising the roof

So the exciting thing going on around here lately has been the replacing of our roof. We raised it from a 2:12 pitch to a 4:12 pitch. If you are ratio challenged (as I was) that means the roof's incline raises 4inches every foot, hence the 4 inches : 12 inches. So there you have It. We (Paul) bought all the boards at a nice price from a nice guy off of Union Ridge Road. I think we bought about 88 16 footers and 40ish 12 footers all 2x6. That formed the rafters we built. We used all the 16 footers, but not all the 12 footers.
From this picture you can see the difference pretty well from the two pitches. you can also see the two piles o' wood being used.

Here is Nolan resting quietly on the ladder. Giving you more perspective.

This is on the other end of the house. You can see the progress the entire roof has the correct rafters on.
This is the canopy end (see the brown tarp looking thing in the foreground). You can tell here how much more the roof extends out from the house.
Kellen posing for the camera. Here the OSB sheeting is started. The kids especially Kellen helped out a lot.( Yes, all the kids were up on the roof at one particular point in time.)
This is me waiting for Paul to lift the OSB boards up to me so I could slide them across to the other side of the roof. You can see that here the sheeting is down on this side.

Now here is the almost finished product. You an see that we removed the dormer looking on the front. I think it looks more like a normal house than a trailer.

So that's it really. We have to put up the gutters and seal off the hole on the sides and that's it.

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Stephanie said...

Not all the kids were on the roof. Vivian was never up there! :)
You need to change the text font color. It is hard to read now. (and the comments link color it is white on white!)