Monday, October 30, 2006

I still have a job as of now for the longest title you have ever seen so far...

I still have a job. At least for now, I am now going to hold my breath. It will probably end soon but we will see have any ideas (besides moving back to Akron) I welcome them. I am sorry about not posting much It has only been a week, but it feels like I don't communicate at all these days. We have been busy, with the whole job thing being in limbo it is hard to think straight some days.

I have been out hunting a bunch. It has been really fun, I haven't got anything yet to the disappointment of everyone else in the family. But I have taken a couple of shots and called a couple bucks within yards! it has been fun let me tell you. Terry ( Hazels friend) has already shot one I am jealous but he's come down a few times and will be back down this weekend. I Think he likes it down here. We like having him around. Jake And Delilah will bee down this weekend too, and A Friend from church I think I will go out Saturday morning at least. I'll let you know.

So I read from one of my friends on this myspace thing that one of my coworkers was in an accident. The driver (her boyfriend) broke a fractured vertebrae in his neck, a broken femur, and a possible facial fracture. He has to have surgery in the morning to put pins and rods in his leg. My friend has a broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade, 3 broken ribs, and a broken ankle. She has to have surgery on her ankle , hopefully sometime tomorrow. Oh and the two other boys in the car were killed.I am feeling sad for those guys. She rode with me to meeting and what not. She refused to put here seat belt on. really. I gave her a hard time about it, because she was so hard headed about the whole thing of "It makes me feel claustrophobic..." Well I told her some day you will look back and say I wish we would have worn our seat belts...too bad that day came faster than they wanted... Wear you seat belt for crying out loud.

h it is always a good day when the Browns win, and the Steelers lose. Be still my beating heart. Oh yeah the steelers now have the same record as the Browns.... We still have 9 more games to go...

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of jobs.....You might want to try the Postal Service, in my area (Middle East TN) they are hiring mail carriers. Two people we go to church with just got jobs there. I don't know much details but I don't think they have any benefits to start with, however, it could work into a good position. Also, my husband works in Albany, Ky and he would probably hire guys would fit "right in", we also live in the woods!!
Good luck, remember when God shuts one door, a far better one is opened.
Aunt D.