Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Eating at work....

OK, Like I have typed before, I am getting back to work. That means I am getting fatter as the days go by. It's kinda like daylight savings time the closer it gets to fall the bigger my waist line becomes instead of getting dark quicker. I sit in the car all day long and do nothing for exercise, until I get home and work around the house. This summer, I worked hard and kept for the most part in shape. I still can't run a marathon, but who do you know can?

So with that said, I have started thinking about what I eat during the day and how much (too much right now). I really like the fast foods because, well it is convinient to drive through,(you will notice that I used the correct english when using the word through. not thru, Theresa Johnson says that's basterdizing the engish langauge) and I like every single fast food restaurant out there. You can name all the ones in my tri-state area and I love 'em.

One day at lunch or dinner Miles starts telling me the nutritional facts about McD's things start rambling them off. So I got to thinking...I went to all the restaurants I like and looked up the calories/nutritional info for my favorite items.
Lets name them shall we?

  • McDonald's Double Cheeseburger(extra pickles) 460 Calories(unless other specified)
  • McD Fries 250
  • Wendy's Frosty 430
  • Arby's Jamocha Shake( I couldn't access their nutrition info, My computer is slow.)
  • Sonic-->Anything----> There isn't anything there I don't like.
  • Super Sonic Double Cheese w/ Jalopenos 990 yeah, you read that right
  • Large 44oz Limeade 330
  • McD Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle 450
  • Wendy's Five piece nuggets is still 220 for five!

  • and Just for an additional(if the Sonic burger didn't put your heart fibrolating....McD's 20 piece nugget 840 Cal. 2240 Sodium

and if that doesn't deter you from eating fast food, go rent Super Size Me. You won't eat fast food for 6 months.

Now With all that said I just might sound a bit hypocritical, just saying I love every single Fast Food restaurant out there, then bashing them with the nutritional info. But I am trying to persuade myself from eating this stuff.
What I am going to do instead, is buying things to pack in the car and eat them. It is both healthier and cheaper, too.

I like the value menus, I spend only a dollar or two, but they are still gross when you think about how many calories and fat and sodium and what ever else they put into those things. And a dollar here or there every week adds up quick. I do like the granola bars that are $.25 at Speedway. but they too, are full o' fat and carbs. Not the things I need to be eating when I am sitting in the car for 8 hours(or more). It is starting to sound like I am going to eat salad greens and tofu for the entire school year...

I can't think of any other things to do so it you can give me some tips? I would be glad to try them out.
I put the links at the bottom if you want any other additional humor/things to make you lose your cookies,etc...





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Anonymous said...

I've been working on ideas for portable food for awhile, so I'll speak up. If I'm going to be out for several hours, or know I'll be out during the meal hour, I pack hard boiled eggs (peeled), sliced cheese, nuts (good fats), sliced raw veggies, fresh raw fruits (peel citrus) that don't need utensils etc. If that fails, grocery stores now often have similar items that can be picked up for an impromptu "picnic" lunch.
Aunt Nancy