Friday, June 9, 2006

Things are happening and I have links.

Things are moving right along here in the hundred acre woods. We poured the concrete for our porch and side walks for both houses (trailers, let's not deceive ourselves here.) It looks very nice and now we can add a bit more of dirt and then more grass seed in the front and then maybe start to call it a yard and get rid of the majority of the mud. I think we have made a lot of progress doing all the work ourselves( mostly Paul) and trying to live together within the same 100 acres. It's harder than you think. We have gone from all woods and nothing else... To electricity, a single and a double wide, a decent driveway, a storage trailer that doesn't hold all of our stuff, and it doesn't look that trashy.Really . I am enjoying it out here and look forward to the years we have to go. All of my kids are growing up and I am enjoying every minute I have with them. The summer's here too and I am also enjoying the time off that I have from work. I still work two-three days a week, but it is so relaxed. I look forward to going up to Ohio the fourth of July week to spend some time with my mom and dad, and see my friend Lunchbox who I haven't seen in a long time.
We have consistently been eating a variety of weeds and greens from the woods, It sounds weird, and I know it doesn't surprise some of you that we do this, but it is great, because we try a variety of foods and most of all it is free. Stephanie has this cookbook by a lady that lives in WV and it has all kinds of recipes for just about everything in WV, from Poke ( a green that tastes better than spinach) to Wild game, even skunk. Now she doesn't recommend eating skunk, she just mentioned that her grandfather tried it before. It is really hard to skin ( you have to get rid of that stink pouch) and it is a tough meat. Stephanie has also found other websites that are a help especially if you have more than three kids, and Hillbilly housewife
The hillbilly house wife has recipes in there to that you can make really easy and cheap too. Real food too, not only greens and whatever you can find in the forest. They are all good sites. One more, there is an lady who lives in upsate NY and blogs every day and has other links from her site too that helps with the frugal thing.
that should do it. Stephanie and I will try to post pictures when we can.

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Jenn said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning me! I'll be checking out the rest of your blog-it looks interesting.

I've been wanting to try foraging, but DH thinks its a bit weird :) Maybe that's a project for NEXT year.