Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our dream home, maybe

I say maybe because some days it feels like we will be in the double wide forever. But other days I am very happy with the progress we are making.
These pictures are of an earth-bermed home. Earth-bermed is where most of the house is covered in earth, but not all. We found this house accidentally, and was surprised to say the least. This is very similar to the one we want to build and when you look close there are two levels, and the "silos" are not entirely underground either.The lower lever is all glass facing south, southwest, and the upper level has windows.
We plan to stop and introduce ourselves and berate them with a bunch of questions. They only live 10 minutes from us.

I have looked plans online for earth-bermed houses but have never actually seen one this close. There is one along Rt 7 going toward Marietta, but it is not as nice this one. You can see that there is a nice field along the front of this house giving it plenty of space in front and the woods in back.

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Anonymous said...

Looks lovely, and you're fortunate to have people so close who have done what you're dreaming of. We talked about building an "underground" house in our younger days -- interesting to see you guys pursuing similar ideas.
Aunt Nancy