Sunday, May 7, 2006

random thoughts

I think about things every day and say to myself, self, you could write about this, it would be funny. and I then I sit down at the end of the day when all of the kids are in bed and write and it all goes away... I can't remember anything I thought about the entire day. But now as I wtype I remember a couple of things. I played Hide and Seek with my older three (when Steph was at her Woman's retreat with the Ladies from Akron) which was alot of fun. I hid in places like underneath the bull dozer, on top of the wood pile and covered myself up with the tarp that covered the small wood pile behind our house (the other one is about 8 feet tall uncovered) we had fun. I also watched the first quarter of the Cavs/Pistons game today, then I turned it off. knowing they were going to get blown out. Let's hope they at least win one game....

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Anonymous said...

Ideas -- how to capture them while going about real life, especially when you're driving. Not easy.
Now, when you're NOT driving -- probably paper and pen suffice. We love to hear from you, so we hope you find a way to capture them.
Aunt Nancy