Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So All day I am thinking about what I should really write about in my blog. Nothing really comes to mind today and I didn't pass anything unusual. So I the last stop at Louisa KY , I thought "why don't people install urinals higher?" I mean, come on I am pushing 6'3" and I have to hold it for quite some time during each day and I don't think about it I just go. And of course the majority of urinals are installed for the 5'5" to 5'10" male. So when I need to go I am aiming at the pipes not the porcelain. Anyway there's my thought for the day. And no I don't need any more lessons and laziness and aiming. Thank you


Jake said...

Yeah, sometimes you go into a restroom that only have 2 urinals. 1 is at the normal height and the other is almost touching the ground. What's with that? Short people can just use the toilet. But no. They make tall people use the toilet because no one uses the short urinal. Discrimination I say. We should call the ACLU.

Stephanie said...

Maybe the short ones are for kids. ie Kellen?