Friday, March 24, 2006

I am so not a blog abandoner

really I am not.I just haven't made the time to post about the things that are happening. The big reason is that after I get home from work Paul is ready for me to help him with what ever he is doing that day. And I am glad to help. I really enjoy working around here and think it is a priority to get things done around here pretty quickly or else we will be building a house for two instead of six. So when I come home from work I change and then work until dark and then come in and eat and then put the kiddos to bed, and then crash. Steph isn't to fond of my work habits, but she also understand the dilema. So we are doing the best we can. Paul understands that Stephanie needs me too, so he fine with that. So there you have it.

I just read am email from my friend who use to work where at the last job I had cleaning nursing homes and he said the the big boss regional manager called him last week begging him to come back because there was no one else who could run the building he was running. Oh how good that makes me feel. You could not believe how bad a company it was to work for. just ask Stephanie how it was.

the other reason I don't post much is because at home I get interupteed 4-5 times from the 4kids I have now. You are probably think but what happened to the Treo? I still have it but there are not many times during the day that I have that much time to play with that on the road. It is slower that the one at home so there.

One last thing. Go to this website is is great It is a guy named Frank Caliendo. He is a comedian, who does impressions of many who you cant tell it is him. You can get free ringtones of him doing impressions and what not I have ony gone there using my phone so it is diffrent then using a real web browser.

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isunshine said...

That's so funny. I am listening to Frank Caliendo right now on the Bobo and Tom show.