Monday, March 6, 2006

I am out numbered

oh man am I tired I didn't get home until 1 am this morning and then I had to get up at 5a to meet a sales rep north of Portsmouth by 8a. and then I delivered some instruments and headed toward the hospital. I got to the hospial around 2p and stayed until 5p, resuced the kiddies from thier papaw, andmade them dinner which consisted of Aldi lime chiken wings and the apple crisp I started before we left for the hospital. Nolan didn't take a nap all day, All three kids watched three movies, and had popcorn and ice cream and ice cream cake for "dinner" they said they wern't hungrary when we were leaving papaw's but when I said we were having dinner they couldn't wait. Nolan was doing his typical hang on the locked pantry cabnet doors and scream untilI paid any attention to him and Kellen and Lydia bickered about something until Kellen sat down to read another Hardy Boy's book.

Meanwhile back at the hospital the other two are doing fine. they are both resting and Vivian has got the breastfeeding thing down already I think she eats more tha Nolan now. No kidding. but she is beautiful and I can't wait to show her off. she's rather red. Her skin is a dark red now, but I am sure that will change she looks normal, and has slate bue eyes and of course lots dark hair. Oh and long toes and Long fingers. She looks exactly like all three of the others. I will post more I have to call people and let others know that we had Vivian.

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Jake said...

Congrats Tim, can't wait till we come down to see Vivian