Sunday, March 5, 2006

baby might be here

Stephanie is having contractions here all of yesterday all of which were moderatly intense, but sporatic. This morning however they are every 15 minites apart but not hard at all. She has been up every hour the past couple of days because of them, and she says if it continues, It won't for another week and a half. So we will wait and see. Nothing to get all excited about yet we are not going to the Hospital, if the contractions keep it up she will call the doc and see if he has any mercy on her and pull the thing early. That's all.

on another note, I went to order that phone on cingular the other Friday and it was the treo 650 for 140. It was a refurb, but it was only 140. So when I went to check out, it wouldn't accept any of my credit(debit)card.It kept declining them all. So I called them (which it told me to) and they said I couldn't buy that phone because it wasn't availible in my area. I asked which PDA phones were available, and they named off a couple others, a blackberry or two and the NEW Treo 650 that just came out a while back that wasn't a refurb. (I decided I didn't want a blackberry because it doesn't have the MP3 player or the camera. I would like to listen to Jason's sermons)I asked him why the NEW one is ok but the REFURB wasn't and he didn't have an answer for me, but this is what surprised me, he said "I don't have an answer for you on that right now, but I go to the management meetings and I will find out, and ask when the price of the new one is coming down, and call you back." I thought wow, ok I won't hold breath. and hung up dissapointed I did not get the phone. I also did not want to pay $399 for the new one and told him that. Later on in the evening around 7p, he calls me back saying he talked to his boss and he said I could have the new one for 150 wave the activation fee, all accecories included and free shipping. I said sure I could do that. IT should be here Mon or Tuesday. Paul says I could fall into a pile of horse manure and come out smelling like a rose... It's the truth this time.

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