Monday, January 9, 2006

Only from Jason's mouth

Here is a small sampling of What Jason talked about this Sunday. You can read the whole thing here.

Click on the last date the 8th. You have your choice to download it to text or to your ipod thingy.
Here goes:

"I was talking to somebody this week about Philippians 3, where Paul says that he has suffered the loss of all things that were gain to him, but when he saw them clearly, he counted them but dung.

And I know that this is slightly gross, but let's say you were born into a giant vat of dung. Dung is all that you have ever known. And Christ offers you a ladder out of the dung into a hot shower. Sounds great, right? What more could a person living in dung want?

Wouldn't it be strange and tragic if everyone believed in the ladder, believed in the shower, but remained in dung? Oh we love the shower. We love the ladder. Let's talk about it in small groups. Let's read books about it. Let's get a shower study manual. Let's sing songs about it. Le'’s study the theology of the shower. Let's memorize the descriptions of it. Let'’s split up into little dung denominations because we can'’t really agree on what the shower is like. Let'’s sculpt some dung into our best imagination of the shower.

Ok, I know that is gross. I don'’t mean to be offensive. But do you see the extent to which we know our salvation as concepts? Concepts. Familiar concepts. We know the new creation as a concept. But our soul still finds its home in dung. We know spiritual life as a concept. We know resurrection as a concept. A true concept. We know the shower as a concept."


Justiene said...

very gross but simplistic way of putting it, also read a comment left on your death post.

judeandelise said...

A whole week without a post???? What's up with that?