Thursday, October 6, 2005

Rental Season Finished

Ok So rental Season is finished. Finally. I am tired. Next week will be something different I will be home every night to help out around the house. Imagine that. Now while I'm typing this. I have acquired speakers so I can listen to the New switchfoot album and man it is nice. And I can see and get the whole webpage in its entirety. ................Back to rental season.............. It over. Really. I have but two more or so to do and they are in the late Oct. Early Nov.

No electricity yet. They said this week maybe. Well it was a maybe, Linda Works for AEP and she checked the schedule and we weren't even on it yet. So it has been three weeks since our inspection and they said within two weeks after the inspection. It has been three. And really I don't care that we don't have it. It's that we don't have it with the cars breaking down, the yard is a mud hole after it rains, the inside of the house is a ness. Really always a mess and it has nothing to do with Stephanie's inability to be a house wife, it is all the boxes and all the stuff we have to get rid of. And while I'm at it that stuff includes the TV I really haven't missed it and neither has the kids or steph so we are still talking about it.

and lastly.............. I sighted in my bow. and it works ....well.

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