Monday, October 24, 2005

I have to check on my cars that are in the shop now. It has been a couple of days but that doesn't mean jack because this is WV and EVERYTHING moves slow here. Period. I think I have stressed that enough. Anyone have a Eurovan for sale? There is only one on Ebay right now. I have to wait to see how messed up the we own is. I have woke up late a on Monday morning two weeks in a row now. Next Monday some one call me at 6a to get me up. Because if the Browns lose, than I will sleep in. The last two weeks the browns have lost. The Browns lose, Tim sleeps in. I might have to wear a coat this week its getting chilly. I also haven't been out hunting yet. I might this coming weekend... Later

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Anonymous said...

If you keep having kids you are going to need a small bus.