Thursday, September 15, 2005


As I post my little notes here on the web, I don't go back and look to see what I have written of yesterday of the day before that. With that said, if I start to repeat myself its because I am starting to post more than once a week or so.

I had a good day at work yesterday. I sold some stuff, and I closed on a $1100 instrument sale, which was nice, and I also got the store invited to a new Parent Meeting (where all the rentals take place) that I thought(and my boss thought also)we were not going to get into. So it was good. I also drove 260 miles that day and it didn't feel like it.

I am also proud of Terry, the instrument repair guy here at the store, he said he had a "Tim Appleton" moment in which his exhaust had fallen off his car and he said it was too expensive. So he did it himself. This is no easy task, however the guy can fix ANYTHING in the world. Period. He just chose to save money and do it himself.

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