Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fridays come quick

Ok SO I am still tired but the weeks go rather quick and I get to go up to OH again to help move and then finish moving my things. I think I will get electricity by the end of next week. AEP was out and they said that we might have gotten it this week, but someone gave them a bad phone number. Anyway next week isn't so bad. I am n the habit of darkness now so I probably won't be turning on the lights when I go into a room just out of habit. Hot showers will be nice.

I forgot to say yesterday that on Weds morning I was brushing my teeth and I heard a buck snorting out in my "backyard" and oh man did I get excited. It was still dark so I shined my flashlight out there but I could see nothing, but heard everything. I need to get a couple of things before the season opens but I think I am pretty much ready to go.

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