Friday, July 15, 2005

New job

Well I have just accepted a position with sweetman music. I am a educational representative that serves the tri-state area. Now if your reading theis than you are the first ones to find out about because you read this and check back on a regular basis.(my wife doesn't even do that.) So I start Aug 8th. Yes that means we are moving down there pretty quick. we have a lot of stuff to get done and you know steph has already written down three lists to get through. What will happen is that I will get down there first and then the rest of the family will move in about Sept. I think that is the plan right now. I am excited to do something in music again and I think this is the right fit. So it is a big bonus being down to WVA too. It came pretty quick, I mean I wasn't even looking hard for a job and this showed up.
Thanks to Jake because he emailed me this and said hey this looks really good. So I threw my resume at it and bingo I am in West Virginia in less than a month. Lots to tell you soon so keep checking back.

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