Friday, June 10, 2005

I was not born to do Laundry, neither Commercial nor Domestic

At work this week,I had to cover the 1st shift Laundry, and man it has kicked my butt. The weeks continue to go by really fast. This week, Lydia got a little bead thing stuck up her nose.Thrusday night, and so she and Steph took a trip to the Children's ER. but it went really quickly, they were in and out in an hour and one half. not bad... All this while we were supposed to bring Jake and Delilah dinner over to their house, but they decided to come ove to ours and then take us out to the Aeros game. ( I say Us but what I really mean is Everyone except for me because I am at UPS.) So Jake took Kellen and Jude to the Game, Delilah stayed home with Nolan while he slept, and Steph and Lydia went to the ER. another crazy night. but they came back and then went to game and had a great night. I worked and then had to truck it down to canton(again) to fax paperwork to my boss. becaues he didn't get it. I got home at 11p and in bed by eleven thirty, and up again at 430a to be back here(work)at 5a.Its not good when the employees at work were there when you left and there when you arrive.I had an aide say
"weren't you just here?" and I politely said yes , yes I was. So now it is a fri and I am "working" and hopefully getting out of here at a decent time.which btw never happens on a friday, becaues the hosptials want to discharge their pateint , and I end up moving people around to accomodate them and I don't get out of here until 430-500p anyway. but Imight be able to sneak out beacuse I will get done earlier in Laundry.
another note I listed my guitar on ebay if you want to buy it it has a low reserve of $580. search stkappleto as a seller and you will find it.


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