Sunday, March 27, 2005

my mom's

As usual, it was another fine Easter Sunday afternoon at my mom's house. We are late getting there from chrurch, My mom calls us twice to see when we will be there, We get there and everyone's is eating in front of the TV and barely a word is spoken unless it has to do with sports(because it is sports we are watching), aftereveryone's done eating they pretty much had to leave. Zack is on his way back to BGSU, Kent and Carrie go to Carrie's mom house(I think), Dio and Beth Ann leave fairly soon after that and then it is only Us and my mom. Oh yeah my dad tells me today that my brother is back in the slammer.....We stay and play a game of Life with Kellen and then we try toget out by 6p it ends up being p and Steph is Tired,Nolan hasn't had a good bit of sleep the entire day. ...........So We get home and all the kiddies fall asleep on the way and are in bed and I am burning Sermons and writing this. before I hit the sack myself. another busy weekend. to begin another busy week. this has been my life for the last 3 months. I have had two jobs since January, and it is begining to take it toll on the Family. I only see tha fam about an hour a day during the week. So it is getting to me I am tired of my Day job. and I want out of it. I have been looking but nothing come of it so far.



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